Things That Go Splatt: The Tumblr!

Because why not start another blog?

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." (Taken with Instagram)

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Me, Seth, Jerm. Normal.

I will WEEP

So magic.


Thoughts on hairspray. This is magic

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For Jeff!

If Fonts Were Dogs, Comic Sans Would Be a Whateverthef*uckthisis(via @Gizmodo)

Dogs. Fonts. Comic Sans. There’s no need to explain this poster, really. [Fuckyeahdementia based on Fineline Design]



I Am Your Grandma (via BuzzFeed)

Future art!


Ok, so I was going to publish a post that originally went like this:

"I found a downloadable version of MS Paint for Mac and it has me giddy with Windows 3.1 excitement!

Work! Bah! Swirls!

(I promise if I do anything else it will be more impressive. Like this)”

Then, in an attempt to be funnier, I thought I would change the last line to this:

"(I promise if I do anything else it will be more impressinve. Like this. Wait, no, I mean this.)"

And as I was trying to think about what to link in the first “this” that would fulfill my way awesome joke I got the idea to Google image search “MS Paint porn.” And so:

It’s also reminiscent if this chortle-factory-of-a-video that Diesel released a few years back to promote their XXX Party:

I’m the worst.